The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

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Oslo is the hub of museums of all kinds, but if you want to get the true essence of Norway’s evolution, visit the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. Also known as Norsk Folkemuseum, this attraction depicts life in Norway since the 16th century. The museum is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm throughout the week.
Located at Bygdøy, Oslo, this open-air museum includes 160 buildings that are deep-rooted in Norway’s culture and history. Established by historian Hans Aall in 1894, the area went through a series of changes to be finally open to the public in 1901. Today the museum includes houses and farms from various eras down the history of Norway. One of the prominent sightseeing venues here is the relocated Gol Stave Church from the 13th century. Another area of the museum worth noting is the Rauland farmhouse from the 14th century. There are several flats in the museum, including one that belonged to a Pakistani family, that will take you back to early 19th century. You will also find exhibits of photographs, silver wear, furniture, etc., as part of the indoor exhibition halls of the museum. Additionally, the museum also conducts temporary exhibitions and activities throughout the year. The premise also includes a museum shop that sells sovereigns, and an eatery called Café Arkadia, where you can grab some tasty delicacies.