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Maridalsvannet, or Lake Maridal, is Oslo’s largest lake and is responsible for at least 90% of the city’s drinking water supply. The lake is surrounded by spectacular landscapes that are excellent for sightseeing tours.
This attraction with spectacular scenery is just a 10-20 minutes ride from Oslo via a car or bus. Hiking tours are common here as there are several trails in the surrounding area. There are thick forests nearby with plenty of walking trails to explore. If you take a tram from downtown, you will be able to reach the trail that leads to the Nordmarka forest near the lake. You will reach the lake ultimately to view the picturesque beauty of the stunning waterfront. There hiking tours are available throughout the year except during winters. Cross-country skiing is a popular activity here in winter through the trails running near the south side of the lake. You can reach the nearby dam through the trails that run alongside River Akerselva.