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Just outside Oslo is the place where Edvard Munch resided and created spectacular pieces of art. During the late 19th century, the artist lived in a villa here, that was nicknamed Munch’s atelier. Although the villa doesn’t stand there today, the adjacent winter studio is still available for visits.
A walk inside the winter studio will take you through the spectacular artwork that the artist created during the last 28 years of his life spent at Ekely. The paintings and photographs depicts his creativity and the inspiration he drew from the gardens at Ekely. There are two rooms inside the studio one that is well-lit and the other with plenty of day light. Some of the famous paintings that you can find here are The Apple Tree and The Arbour in Late Autumn, both of which were derived from nature. He found inspiration in the nature and landscape outside Oslo. Surrounding the winter studio are tall trees, a bench, a table, etc. The secluded location and the serene atmosphere here makes this estate worth a sightseeing tour. Ekely is accessible via train, bus and tram from the city centre. The winter studio is open to the public only during the weekends in summer.